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  • December 2011
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Cornet Solos at Home with the Family on Christmas Eve

Posted by glennled on December 31, 2011

Glenn Ledbetter on cornet

After a wonderful, hearty dinner on Christmas Eve, we carried on our traditional family program: readings from Isaiah and Luke about the birth of the Christ child, prayers, carols, gift opening, and snacks. Meanwhile, about four cameras were continuously flashing and whirring. For music, my wife passed out our colorful booklet of carols (which she produced herself) and played the piano while we sang. Normally, I play one or two tunes on my cornet, too, always with her accompaniment. This year, I soloed. I played “Angels We Have Heard on High” straight as written, but to “Santa Baby,” I added a little fun with some special sound effects using my Harmon (wah-wah) mute in the middle of the piece and a long, quick glissando from G to an accented High G at the end! (Smiles and applause!)

Happy New Year!  😉

2 Responses to “Cornet Solos at Home with the Family on Christmas Eve”

  1. Nancy said

    Many old traditions we have in our family, some dating back over 60 years. I can still hear the voice of my great grandfather telling the story of the birth of Christ. We’ve been reading from Isaiah for about 14 years, ever since our grandson, Isaiah, was old enough to repeat the words whispered in his ear and learn about his namesake. We read a poem written by my great-grandfather in the mid-20th century, and eat foods that my mother and grandmother made each year on Christmas Eve. The carols are heartily sung with a “make a joyful noise” air to our festivities. Glenn’s cornet contribution to our family’s Christmas Eve celebration is a relatively recent addition, but already one of the things we look forward to with great anticipation. His rendition of “Angels We Have Heard on High” with its clear melodic tones was moving, and the light-hearted “Santa Baby” a perfect seque to our gift exchange. Traditions help us remember and treasure those who are no longer with us, but whose love continues to grace our lives. Thank you, Glenn, for adding your special talents to our family traditions and for sharing this wonderful account of our 2011 Christmas Eve celebration!

  2. glennled said

    Thanks for your kind words, Nancy, well said. And I am the beneficiary of joining with you in these long-time family traditions which we are now passing along to our succeeding generations.

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