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  • May 2013
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“To the Color” for Pacific Little League Day in Lynnwood

Posted by glennled on May 26, 2013

Glenn Ledbetter, VFW Post 1040 Bugler, sounds "To the Color." Photo by Carol Sheldon.

Glenn Ledbetter, VFW Post 1040 Bugler, sounds “To the Color.” Photo by Carol Sheldon.

More than 20,000 boys and girls have played baseball and softball in the Pacific Little League since it was founded 48 years ago in 1965, and for the last two, I’ve had the privilege of sounding the bugle call, “To the Color,” on the annual PLL Day–this year on 27 April at Lynndale Park in Lynnwood. More than 800 boys and girls, ages 5-18, from Lynnnwood and Edmonds now participate.

For more information about PLL and this annual event, please see and my post dated 22 May 2012, in this blog (archives, left column).

Please click on any photo englarge it. Two were taken by Carol Sheldon (as marked), and Designer Portrait Studio took all the other photos (see

4 Responses to ““To the Color” for Pacific Little League Day in Lynnwood”

  1. James Owen said

    Dear Glenn, Hey, I have been watching for an update on your “notes” recently. And, this one was indeed really interesting. I always feel so humbled when you play at some event, especially when You play “TAPS” at a veteran’s funeral. Will you play somewhere tomorrow on Memorial Day? Gee, there are a lot of teams who participate in this Little League every year, and it is fun for the kids and parents. Our oldest grandchildren were in baseball for years but decided to change courses and become band members. They remain in soccer and love that game a lot. The youngest grandson is only 6 years old and is in baseball-T ball. Of course, he is just beginning in sports so he loves everything. Jonathan is 14 now and has been in track for a couple of years. Doing very well. And, my goodness, those kids have more trophies in their rooms! They have been in sports forever. And, that includes our granddaughter, who is 8 years old. Well, anyway, hope you have a good day tomorrow. I’m sure you will enjoy this weekend. Love, Jo Anne

    Sent from my iPad

    • glennled said

      Yes, Jo Anne [my younger sister], it’s a very nice weekend, and I will play three bugle calls at the Memorial Day ceremony at Veterans Park in Lynnwood, WA: “Assembly” (to gather the crowd and start the program at 11 a.m.), “Echo Taps” (with a former trumpet student of mine, to commemorate the nation’s war dead), and “To the Color” (when the American flag is raised at noon from the half-staff position). And yes, the Pacific Little League is very impressive! Appreciate your comments.

  2. Tarnya said

    Wish we were there to see you play! Maybe one day.

    • glennled said

      Hi, Tarnya, yes, I do hope you return here with the whole family! Maybe somebody will put me on YouTube for you someday. 🙂

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