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Bugle Calls at Flag-Changing Ceremony at Crista Senior Living in Shoreline

Posted by glennled on June 28, 2014

 the worn-out flag, while bugler sounds "Retreat"

John Zambrano and Elmer Johnson of VFW Post 1040 retire the old flag, while Glenn Ledbetter sounds “Retreat”

Flags wear out and need to be replaced. There’s one bugle call, “Retreat,” for lowering the U.S. flag, and another, “To the Color,” for hoisting the flag. I got to play both on 12 June at a flag ceremony at Crista, headquartered in Shoreline. The faded, darkened, tattered flag came down, and the new, bright, clean one ran up the pole. About 50 residents attended the dignified ceremony.

Crista, formed in 1948, describes itself as a family for seven Christian ministries. One of these is Senior Living (see The quarters for seniors who can live independently are located at Cristwood Park on the southwest part of the 56-acre Crista campus. This is where the worn-out flag flew. And this is where Elizabeth Hudson, Activities Coordinator, organized and emceed the flag ceremony. She said it was the residents themselves who suggested that the old flag be replaced. VFW Post 1040 furnished the Color Guard, consisting of two members to lower, fold, unfold, and raise the flags, and me to sound the two bugle calls.

The well-known King’s Schools (K-12 education) is among the ministries located on campus (see

Photos are courtesy of Crista Senior Living. To enlarge any photo, simply click on it.


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