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  • November 2009
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Kirkland Girl Loves Trumpet!

Posted by glennled on November 25, 2009

Yesterday, I met my 5th new student of this school year for our first lesson–“It’s a Girl!” A 6th grader, she’s kinda shy but wants to improve her trumpet playing, so…she’s having to get used to me!  😀  Last year, she had a few lessons from another instructor, but their schedules didn’t work out. The instructor teaches only at a studio, and it proved too difficult for her to make it to his location reliably. So now I’m going to her home in Kirkland immediately following my lesson with my Bothell student. That’s an easy hop and a skip–works well for both of us. Her mom, an attorney, says she likes playing trumpet, is sticking with it, and wants to get better. So here we go!

4 Responses to “Kirkland Girl Loves Trumpet!”

  1. derekreid, real estate agent said

    Good luck with the music teaching! Maybe skip the whole “Louie, Louie” number though; heard way too much of that when I was back in high school. 😀

    • glennled said

      Well, yes, Derek, even “Louie, Louie,” can wear out its welcome. But it seems like our conductor believes we do have to work it in sometime, somewhere, along with “Tequila,” for every home game. Worst thing is that even if you’re burned out on a once-popular song, it sticks in your head and you have an awful time trying to get rid of it! And you know what?…when my 6th grade girl student from Kirkland eventually plays in the UW Husky Varsity Band (that’s her goal), they’ll probably still be playing “Louie, Louie” and “Tequila”!!

  2. derekreid said

    I had forgotten about “Tequila”, but you’re right about that one too and now I’ve got the chorus stuck in my head. 😀 Although I guess we should just be happy that life has some constants!

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