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  • April 2011
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That’s better—Three Sharps is Plenty for Church Music!

Posted by glennled on April 11, 2011

Glenn, Rex, and Les

Last Sunday, I again played trumpet in the church orchestra—dum-de-dum-dum! This time, however, the music was written in some of the easiest key signatures: C, F, B-flat, G, and A—whew, no problem! Begone to that diabolical stuff like the key of F-sharp, which has a whopping six sharps (see my post of two weeks ago, 28 March 2011). Hmmm (or Hymnnn)… it was a lovely day.  🙂

2 Responses to “That’s better—Three Sharps is Plenty for Church Music!”

  1. Nancy said

    It was fabulous, as usual! You complain, but you love it no matter how many sharps they throw at you 🙂

    • glennled said

      Yes, indeed I do love it! The arrangements really are unusually interesting, and the choir and orchestra are inspirational.

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