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  • June 2013
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Three Bugle Calls at Memorial Day Ceremony, Veterans Park, Lynnwood

Posted by glennled on June 1, 2013

286 flags to honor the Washingtonians who died in the Irag War

286 flags to honor the Washingtonians who died in the Irag War

Of course it rained in Lynnwood on Memorial Day! That’s because there was an outdoor ceremony being performed at Veterans Park to honor our nation’s war dead. It always rains then–it’s traditional. But some 250 people didn’t care and came anyway, God bless ’em!

Glenn Ledbetter sounds "Echo Taps"

Glenn Ledbetter sounds “Echo Taps”

And as Bugler of VFW Post 1040, I had the privilege to sound three bugle calls—first, “Assembly,” to catch the crowd’s attention and cue the Northwest Jr. Pipe Band to commence the ceremony; then “Echo Taps” to close the ceremony; and finally, “To the Color” when honors were rendered as the American flag was hoisted to full mast at noon, according to custom and protocol.


Boy Scouts Troop 49 of Lynnwood placed flags in the park and distributed the programs. Garret Lloyd King sang three songs, and VFW Post Piper Ray Colby played “God Bless America” on the bagpipes. The Northwest Jr. Pipe Band played “Green Hills,” “Battles Ore,” and “Amazing Grace.” The “echo” part of “Taps” was sounded by Josiah Chupik, lead trumpeter of the Woodinville High School Bands and a former trumpet student of mine. And the three-volley rifle salute by the VFW Post 1040 Honor Guard was perfect.


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2 Responses to “Three Bugle Calls at Memorial Day Ceremony, Veterans Park, Lynnwood”

  1. James Owen said

    Glenn, Oh, I wish I could have been there with you. Sounds like there was a great Memorial service held at the ceremony this year!!! I love to hear the “Echo Taps,” and I’m sure it takes a lot of practice to play it together, but it is beautiful to hear…All of it together [i.e., all the music and activities] must have been a beautiful sight…Sorry I missed it!! Love, Jo Anne

    Sent from my iPad

    • glennled said

      Yes, Jo Anne [my younger sister], everything was quite well done! It would be lovely if you were here for Memorial Day or Veterans Day sometime. But you’ll just have to substitute a similar service closer to your home—in East Texas! Thanks for your support.

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