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  • May 2010
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6th Grade Student Earns Quick Promotion!

Posted by glennled on May 11, 2010

My 8th trumpet student of this school year, a 12-year old sixth grader in a Bothell elementary school,  just started private lessons with me in late April. All year long, he had been in the 1st-year band and was struggling with his tone. It had become very frustrating. Most of the other sixth grade band members, his peers, had started playing trumpet in fifth grade and are now in the 2nd-year band. At our first lesson, I heard the tones and saw the problem: his embouchure. We made one simple, easy adjustment on how he should position the mouthpiece. The following week, his tone was twice as good as before–100% improvement! And the following week, after more practice, it was even better. Now he sounds just like some of my other trumpet students. That’s when he told me an amazing story.

He is now in 2nd-year band! How did this happen? Well, he said, the very next day after our second lesson, he went to the band director and asked to audition for 2nd-year band. He played the required music, won the promotion, and now sits in the Trumpet II section amongst his classmates. Wow! I’m impressed with both his spunk and his capabilities. Only one thing was holding him back, and he overcame it. I’m very proud of what he just did–in only 8 days!

Next year he’ll be in the junior high school band. Wonder how far he wants to go with this? 🙂

4 Responses to “6th Grade Student Earns Quick Promotion!”

  1. Lorri said

    Way to go! This is really impressive!

  2. Leslie said

    Glenn, Thanks for your wonderful blog post. We both read through it and I think Vaughan is even more proud of how much he has improved over the last couple weeks. I am happy to see how much more enthusiastic he is about playing and your teaching style seems to fit him perfectly.

    • glennled said

      Hi, Leslie, yes, I feel his enthusiasm and pride. It is my pleasure to teach him and others the trumpet, the most expressive brass instrument.

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