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  • June 2010
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Elementary School Spring Band Concert in Bothell

Posted by glennled on June 11, 2010

At this elementary school in Bothell, there are two bands, one for beginners and the other for more advanced students. But they don’t practice at their own school–they bus to a nearby junior high school for that. And their spring concert was held this week in the gymnasium of that junior high, where this picture was taken. One of my trumpet students, a 6th grader, is a member of the advanced band. They played “Farandole” by Georges Bizet and “William Tell Overture” by Gioachino Rossini.

It’s a strong program, and the energetic band director is anxious to build it to even higher levels. They sound good! He has good control of the bands, they are well-rehearsed, and they have fun. I was impressed with his conducting sytle. While it is expressive and animated, it is also very clean and clear. A musician would have no trouble following his lead, knowing exactly where the beat is, and playing with the intensity that he desires at any given moment.

To supplement the band performances, a jazz ensemble from the junior high played also. The band director encouraged everyone to continue to practice throughout the summer and take private lessons to improve. He stressed the benefits–better results, faster! He wants to see some of his musicians audition and be chosen for District Honor and Junior All-State bands next year. Go for it, kids!

2 Responses to “Elementary School Spring Band Concert in Bothell”

  1. Leslie said


    Thank you so much for coming to our son’s concert at the Jr. High. I think everyone enjoyed the performance by both the awesome jazz band and the Elementary groups. My son had a great time perfoming with his group and told me a couple hours later that he wished he was still up there playing for everyone. He is greatly disappointed that the BAND school year is over and looks forward to playing in Jr. High next school year.

    He is very happy to be taking lessons with you this summer in order to improve his playing and learn new things and to be even more prepared when school starts up again. For a little preview we attended the Jr. High concert the next day and boy were they all great. We heard a great variety of music from the jazz band, 7th grade band, 8-9th grade band and orchestra. Mr. McGinn ended the performance with pieces from Braveheart while conducting with a light saber. Did I mention the whole concert was performed in the dark while movie clips played on the wall, all the band members wearing glow sticks and neclaces and reading their music by little lights?

    • glennled said

      Hi, Leslie,
      Wow, what a show! Wish I could have gone to that concert, too. The band director sure knows how to engage kids with his flair for the dramatic. And I’m so glad your son is enjoying band so much that he just wanted to keep on playing. With that attitude, he can let his trumpet carry him as far as he wants to go. Yes, let’s give him a great start next year at junior high by helping him develop his trumpet skills even further this summer.

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