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  • July 2011
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Newest Student Could Start a Family Band!

Posted by glennled on July 23, 2011

My 17th trumpet student has so many musicians in his family that he could start a new band—but with their wide variety of instruments, who knows what kind of music they would make together? Grandpa played the trumpet, too, and one Grandma plays the accordion, the other, the organ. Another relative plays piano, and an aunt sings opera. One uncle plays clarinet, another guitar. His dad (trombone), mom (organ), and sister (violin) round out the group. And my 11-year old student says his baby brother is going to learn to play trumpet, too!

That will make it a dozen family musicians. If they don’t form a band, maybe they should try having a recital once a year at someone’s home! Or maybe they should get organized now to participate in Seattle’s Honk! Fest West 2012 (see and my blog post of 24 March 2011). But that stuff is not very likely, is it? Just fun to imagine…

Anyway, my new student is very enthusiastic about improving. Last year was his first year in band, and he was the leader among about 15 other trumpeters. He’s using lessons this summer to get even better on his Olds Ambassador trumpet…it’s fun! He’s working through the exercises in an instruction book, including a DVD, and his mom says he wants to “learn a new song every week!” He simply wants to become the best he can be and play in the high school jazz band. He’ll be a sixth grader this fall at a private Christian school. I like his confidence, good manners, intelligence, positive attitude, healthy ambition, optimistic spirit, and ready smile. Give me another dozen just like him!

6 Responses to “Newest Student Could Start a Family Band!”

  1. G"Ma Kathie said

    We are so proud of B. He has always been musically inclined. His grandpa is a drummer so maybe we can have that band!

    • glennled said

      Yes, I can see the Family Band marching through the streets of Seattle in the Seafair Torchlight Parade!

  2. JL said

    What a wonderful post! We appreciate Glenn and his encouragement , as well as the fabulous instruction this student receives from him. Thank you!!!

  3. Donald Webber-Plank said

    Glenn – thank you for your wonderful post. I am B’s “Uncle Clarinet” and very proud of him and his musical passion. Go B!!!

    • glennled said

      Hi, Uncle Donald – I expect he’ll be playing a duet with you soon! then a trio, then a quartet, and so on…

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