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  • October 2011
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My Youngest Trumpet Student—Girl, 3rd Grader, Age 8!

Posted by glennled on October 26, 2011

How do some kids know what they want so early in life? Some spark in them seems to say, “Other kids may wait, but I’m ready, I can do this now.” Most kids join beginning band in 5th or 6th grade at age 10 or 11. But my newest (18th) trumpet student is only 8 years old and attends Tukwila Elementary School, which has a music program but no band for 3rd graders to join. So the parents arranged private lessons. She has spunk!

At first, she was interested in drums, then electric guitar, and finally either clarinet or trumpet. Her mother plays flute, her father recorder, and girl cousin (18) trombone. Standing in the Kennelly Keys Music store near Southcenter Mall, she looked them over. When she held the trumpet in her hands, that did it!

We started weekly lessons in Seattle in mid-September. I love her bright smile and determined, “can-do” attitude. She’s proving that she’s indeed a quick learner. It’s fun to see her make steady progress and eagerly tackle whatever comes next.

Helping her get a two-year head start on other kids her age made me wonder about how good she will be by the time they start to learn what she’s already learning now. So I asked, “When it comes time to join band, do you think you will do that?”


“Your cousin–did she march in the high school band?”


“Would you like to do that some day?”

“And play at football games?—Yes!”

“Maybe someday you will be famous.”

“Are you famous?”

“Well, uh, no, not much. Now it’s time to play…let’s hear what you practiced.”

2 Responses to “My Youngest Trumpet Student—Girl, 3rd Grader, Age 8!”

  1. Gary D. said

    Well, our daughter (T.) certainly is excited to play at a football game :). I am impressed with her enthusiasm and desire to learn (as the attention span of this 8 year old can be quite limited). Thanks for taking her on as a student!

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