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  • March 2012
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Trumpeters Among Those Featured at Popular Kamiakin Community Concert

Posted by glennled on March 29, 2012

Grandfather and grandsons form the Brass Trio, playing "The Victors" march

Every four years, there’s a presidential election. Every four years, there is a Community Band Concert at Kamiakin Jr. High in Kirkland. Ward Brannman, Director of Bands, says he started these special concerts in 1986, as a means of involving his band students with musicians in their own families, school alumni, and the local community.

The concert opened with The Washover Fans, a folk music quartet, and closed with Curb Appeal, a 6-member rock and roll band. Kamiakin’s speech pathologist, plays in the former, and Kamiakin’s registrar, plays and sings in the latter. See and

The school’s Jazz Ensemble and three bands performed: Concert Band (7th grade), Symphonic Band (8th grade), and Wind Ensemble (9th grade). In between their performances, four other groups played and sang, including the Zydeco Trio (“It’s So Hard to Stop”) and Brass Trio (“The Victors”).

Two audience members join Zydeco Trio and Ward Brannman in playing "It's So Hard to Stop"

Trumpeters were featured in the Jazz Ensemble (“Take Me Out to the Ball Game”), Symphonic Band (“Overture on a Shaker Tune”), and Brass Trio (two trumpets, one trombone). Mr. Brannman said the Zydeco Trio and Brass Trio epitomize the purpose of this concert. Two members of the Zydeco Trio are fathers of band members. One trumpeter in the Brass Trio plays in the Wind Ensemble, and his younger brother, the trombonist, plays in the Beginning Band. The second trumpeter is their grandfather!

One of my trumpet students was the featured soloist in the Shaker tune overture! She is the principal of the trumpet section, and Mr. Brannman awarded her a Certificate of Achievement for the 3rd quarter of this school year (see photos). Incidentally, he also received an award this year: he was named Middle School/Junior High Music Educator of the Year by the Washington Music Educators Association (WMEA) at its annual state conference in February.

Kids and adults dance to "Don't Stop Believing" played by Curb Appeal

Seth Kuhns, Kamiakin alum, attended the concert to hear the premier performance of his composition, “Like Yesterday,” by the Wind Ensemble. It was commissioned by last year’s Wind Ensemble.

The concert closed with kids and adults dancing in a massive huddle on the gym floor as Curb Appeal played the ever-popular song, “Don’t Stop Believing.”

Please click on any photo to enlarge it.

6 Responses to “Trumpeters Among Those Featured at Popular Kamiakin Community Concert”

  1. thowling said

    Impressive coverage! Congrats to all teachers, students and parents who made this fun concert possible. And kudos to Mr.B for another award -Oh!These 8th and 9th graders students will miss you.

    • glennled said

      “…will miss you [Mr. B]?” Do you mean when they leave Kamiakin? or something else…? And I’m very glad you enjoyed the post. Haven’t had this kinda fun in four years!

      • thowling said

        Yup, that’s what I meant. 8th and 9th graders are leaving in a couple of months for high school. My daughter already told me she will continue in Band, even though it won’t be with Mr.B., so it won’t be the same.

      • glennled said

        Yes, she has much music left in her to enjoy with others who are coming in her life, even though “it won’t be the same.”

  2. Lorri said

    Glenn — I just wanted to thank you again for all your great work in tutoring Sarah on the trumpet! I enjoyed all the pictures and your detailed coverage of the concert.

    • glennled said

      Lorri—You’re very welcome. It’s my great pleasure whenever my students succeed as she is doing. She’s “becoming her best!”

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