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North Creek High School’s First Music Concert, Bothell

Posted by glennled on December 17, 2017


First music concert at the new North Creek High School, Bothell, 7 December 2017

Pearl Harbor Day—that’s what I first think of when I hear the date, 7 Dec. But that was 1941, and on that date in 2017, people with kids in the band, orchestra, and choir at the new North Creek High School (NCHS) in Bothell will also remember it as the date when NCHS held its very first music concert. And I shall remember the concert for yet another reason—9 of my former students played their instruments that night in the Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble.

IMG_4471 - Trumpeter & Guitarist
Trumpeter and guitari

Of the six trumpet players in Symphonic Band, I taught five of them at Skyview Jr. High School and gave three of them private lessons. Of the two trumpeters in Jazz Band, I gave one of them private lessons. Of the five trumpet players in Wind Ensemble, I taught one of them both in private lessons and classes at Skyview. He now plays guitar in Jazz Band and trumpet in Wind Ensemble. In fact, he played a solo during “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy” by the Jazz Band.

Since then, three of my ex-students have switched to other instruments: one to oboe, one to French horn, and one to tuba.

IMG_4517 (2) - Dr. Debbie Montague, Director of Instrumental Music

Dr. Debbie Montague, NCHS Director of Instrumental Music

Listening to the excellent instrumental music, conducted by Debbie Montague, Ph.D., Director of Instrumental Music, I was very proud of my ex-students’ progress. They have much more to anticipate under her tutelage. Dr. Montague came to NCHS from Kenmore Jr. High School, where she had developed an outstanding program. Her Symphonic Bands at KJHS performed throughout the USA, including the National Conference for Music Educators (2002) and at multiple Festivals of Gold, which are high school festivals by invitation. I’ve blogged about this twice—please see my posts of 16 March 2012 and 13 November 2010. Dr. Montague is a member of the Washington Music Educators’ Hall of Fame (

She believes in education of the whole child and advocates “hands-on, activity-based music curriculum for all children.” Also, she has considerable accomplishments in African ensemble music.

But this concert was not all about trumpets and other wind instruments, bands, and IMG_4458 (2) - Teresa Sullivan, Director of Choral Music & Nick Tagabensembles. The orchestra and several choirs performed excellently, too. Terresa (Terry) Sullivan, Director of Choral Music, conducted five choirs, singing eight pieces. Ms. Sullivan came to NCHS from Inglemoor High School in Kenmore, where she was both Choir Director and Music Department Chair (see my post of 29 April 2015). The Combined Choir closed with “Carol of the Bells.” The orchestra, conducted by Dr. Montague, played two pieces led by the concertmaster, who is a member of the All-State Orchestra.

The final group to perform was the Wind Ensemble. “A Christmas Flourish” was their first piece, and they concluded the concert with “African Holy Night.”

Please click on any photo to enlarge it.

NCHS Jazz Band


NCHS Symphonic Band

NCHS Wind Ensemble


NCHS Orchestra

NCHS Choirs

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A 2014 Winter Holiday Concert at Inglemoor High School in Kenmore

Posted by glennled on April 29, 2015

Mr. Jim Rice conducts IHS Symphonic Band

Mr. Jim Rice conducts IHS Symphonic Band

This year’s “Winter Holiday Concert” at Inglemoor High School’s (IHS’s) Performing Arts Gymnasium in Kenmore on 18 December 2014, started with about 30 minutes of music by the school’s jazz band, as the full-house audience arrived and got seated in the grandstands. They played Bernard’s “Winter Wonderland,” among other tunes. Mr. Jim Rice is the Jazz Band Director, and he also conducted the Symphonic Band (including “Themes from ‘The Nutcracker'”) and String Orchestra (Holtz’s “In the Bleak Midwinter”).

Mr. Ted Christensen directed both the String Orchestra (Anderson’s “Sleigh Ride”) and the Wind Symphony (including “Flourish for Wind Band”). The Wind Ensemble featured 8 new cornets in “The Sussex Mummers’ Christmas Carol” by Richard Franko Golman. Mr. Christensen is not only the IHS Band Director but also the Northshore School District Music Coordinator. This is Mr. Christensen’s 32nd year at IHS. The Wind Ensemble took a trip in April 2015 to play at the “Ring of Fire” Concert in Carnegie Hall in New York City.

The Concert Choir, Belle Voci, and Chamber Choir were directed by Teresa Sullivan, who is both IHS Choir Director and Music Department Chair.

Below is a photo gallery of the concert. Please click on any photo to enlarge it.


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2014 Winter All Bands Concert by Hamilton International Middle School in Seattle

Posted by glennled on April 27, 2015


HIMS 2014 Winter All Bands Concert concludes after Dan Rowe conducted “Sleigh Ride” by Leroy Anderson


One of the outstanding music programs in Seattle did it again—four Hamilton International Middle School bands gave a great “Winter All Bands Concert” at Lincoln High School Auditorium on 11 December 2014.

Each band performed four pieces. Among those by the 48-member Beginning Band, conducted by Angela Babbitt, was “March Miniature” by Dan Rowe. The other three bands were conducted by Mr. Rowe himself. The 72-member Cadet Band was next, and two of its pieces were by Mark Williams, “Drive” and “Bryce Canyon Overture.”

Beginning with the 66-member Concert Band, some soloists and an ensemble started to emerge from the two remaining bands. The ensemble was featured in “Drums A-Plenty,” arranged by Lew Pollack. And finally, when the 70-member Symphonic Band took the stage, the spotlight fell on an accomplished xylophone soloist, playing “Galop” by Dimitri Kabalevsky.

A gallery of photos of the four bands follows (below). Please click on any photo to enlarge it.

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“Year-End Band Concert” at Hamilton International Middle School, Seattle

Posted by glennled on June 29, 2014

Two great leaders and positive thinkers who excel, Russell Wilson and Daniel Rowe

Two great leaders and positive thinkers who excel, Russell Wilson and Daniel Rowe

The “Year-End Band Concert” by the outstanding four bands from Hamilton International Middle School in Seattle on 12 June brought the audience to its feet for two standing ovations, as the director, Mr. Daniel Rowe, made the stunning announcement that he would be retiring after 35 years of teaching music in public schools. But four days later, after the weekend, he said he had re-thought his plans and announced that he would teach another two years—whew!–the band students and parents must have heaved a huge sigh of relief.

No doubt, three other people did, too: Cindy Waters, HIMS Principal; Angela Babbitt, Director, Beginning Band; and Zari Magness. President, FOMAHI (Friends of Music at Hamilton International), the booster club. They all participated in the concert, held at Lincoln High School Auditorium in the Wallingford neighborhood.

The 49-member Beginning Band played five pieces, including the crowd-pleasing “Slidin’ and Glidin’,” featuring the trombone section. The 93-member Cadet Band played four pieces, concluding with “Fiero.” And the 91-member Concert Band played three pieces, “Into the Storm,” “Shenandoah,” and “Highlights from ‘Frozen.'”

Trumpet trio, Juliana, Aadi, and Colin play "Bugler's Holiday"

Trumpet trio, Juliana, Aadi, and Colin play “Bugler’s Holiday”

The Symphonic Band began its four-piece set with “Bugler’s Holiday,” by Leroy Anderson, featuring a trio of double-tonguing trumpeters. [Recall from my post of 21 June that a trumpet trio from the Wind Ensemble from Inglemoor High School had played the same piece just one week earlier. And I recall that I’d played it in a college band concert long ago.]

Mr. Rowe has each band vote for three annual awards: Most Inspirational, Most Improved, and Outstanding Musician of the Year. Two trumpeters won such awards: in the Cadet Band, Corinna Sanger was voted Most Inspriational, and in the Symphonic Band, Colin Ovens was voted Outstanding Musician.

After Mr. Rowe made his shocking announcement, he led the band in what he had planned to be his final concert piece–the “Overture to Candide” by Leonard Bernstein, arranged by Clare Grundman. Later, I asked him about the signicance of this music to him. He said that during his first year at HIMS, he’d had his Symphonic Band play it. That was five years ago, and the band had 41 members. He wanted to conclude his career by having his current 88-member band play it, too. Whoever succeeds him in 2016, will inherit a very strong band program.

Please click on any photo to enlarge it.



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Photo Gallery of “Pops 2014,” Inglemoor High School’s Grand Finale Concert

Posted by glennled on June 21, 2014

On 5 June, the Choral and Instrumental Music Department of Inglemoor High School in Kenmore presented “Pops 2014,” its Grand Finale Concert of the school year, at the nearby Northshore Baptist Church in Kirkland. It was a splendid, fun concert, played to a full house of parents, relatives, and friends. Ted Christensen is Director of Bands, and Jim Rice is Director of the Orchestra, Symphonic Band, and Jazz Band. Both are members of the Hall of Fame of the Washington Music Educators Association (WMEA) and Northwest Bandmasters Association. Teresa (Terry) Sullivan is Choir Director and Music Department Chair. This spring, I was the coach of the trumpeters in the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble.

Please click on any photo in the gallery below to enlarge it.

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“Sounds of Winter”—Inglemoor High School Music Concert in Kenmore

Posted by glennled on May 31, 2014

IHS LogoOn 19 December 2013, the music program presented its “Sounds of Winter” concert in the Inglemoor High School Gymnasium. The Orchestra,  Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Concert Choir, Belle Voci, Chamber Choir, Mass Choir, and Wind Ensemble all performed for the large crowd. There are 8 trumpeters in the Wind Ensemble and 7 in the Symphonic Band. The Wind Ensemble is directed by Ted Christensen, who also is the Northshore School District Music Coordinator. Jim Rice directs the Symphonic Band and Jazz Band. At this concert several pieces were conducted by Megan Webster, Student Intern, Central Washington University.

The 45-member Symphonic Band performed “On This Day Earth Shall Ring,” “Wishing You a Merry Christmas,” and “The Bells of Christmas.” The Wind Ensemble (66 members) performed “Stars,” “Jesus, Jesus Rest Your Head,” and “Christmas Festival.” The Orchestra performed “Dances from the Nutcracker.” The music program enjoys the support of the Inglemoor High School Music Boosters.

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2013 Spring Band Concert, Hamilton International Middle School in Seattle

Posted by glennled on August 21, 2013

Trumpet Soloist, Symphonic Band, HIMS

Trumpet Soloist, Symphonic Band, HIMS

Dan Rowe, Music Director of Concert and Jazz Bands at Hamilton International Middle School (HIMS) in the Wallingford district of north Seattle, ended the school music year on 6 June with an expert Spring Band Concert at Lincoln High School Auditorium. He conducted four bands comprised of almost 300 students in total: the Beginning (58 members), Cadet (87), Concert (72), and Symphonic (75) bands.

Two trumpet players were among those singled out in each band for special awards. The Outstanding Musician Award for the Cadet Band went to trumpeter, Carter Eng. The Most Improved Musician Award for the Concert Band went to trumpeter, Juliana Silldorff.

The music program at HIMS is supported by Friends of Music at Hamilton International (FOMAHI). Please see FOMAHI was headed in 2012-2013 by Alicia Edgar, President. For my article and photos about last winter’s band concert, please see my blog  post of 24 December 2012.

Below is a gallery of photos from the concert. Please click on any photo to enlarge it.

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Exceptional “Winter All Bands Concert” by Hamilton International Middle School in Seattle

Posted by glennled on December 24, 2012

Symphonic Band, Hamilton International Middle School, Seattle

Symphonic Band, Hamilton International Middle School, Seattle

“The music program at Hamilton is thriving,” said Daniel Rowe, Music Director of Bands, “and we’re making beautiful music!” The standing-room only audience responded in loud applause as the Symphonic Band from Hamilton International Middle School (HIMS) prepared to play the concluding, ever-popular piece, “Sleigh Ride,” by Leroy Anderson. The two-hour Winter All Bands Concert was held on 13 December in Lincoln High School Auditorium in Wallingford in Seattle.

The Finale: Leroy Anderson's "Sleigh Ride"

Concert Finale: Leroy Anderson’s “Sleigh Ride”

The total membership of the four bands at Hamilton is 295 student musicians: the Beginning Band has 58 members, Cadet (86), Concert (75) and Symphonic (76). That’s almost one-third of the entire student body of about 1,000. The growth that’s underway is exceptional. Mr. Rowe recalled that the Concert Band had 31 members only three years ago. Some 600 students are involved in the bands, orchestras, jazz ensembles, and choir. The music program is supported by the non-profit organization, The Friends of Music at Hamilton International (FOMAHI)—see, which coordinated arrangements for this concert. This year, Hamilton musicians will perform in almost 40 concerts.  Before Mr. Rowe came to Hamilton, he taught in the highly successful music program at Eckstein Middle School (see my post of 14 December 2011).

Six trumpeters in the Cadet Band, HIMS

Six trumpeters in the Cadet Band, HIMS

I went to hear one of my trumpet students, a 6th grader, perform in the Cadet Band. On top of that, I got an unexpected surprise—my very first cornet student also performed in the Symphonic Band (see my post of 14 August 2009). He’s now an 7th grader, and he switched to tuba last year. Both these students had made the Seattle Public Schools’ All-City Honors Elementary Band (see my posts of 10 April 2011 and 2 April 2012). It was a thrill to me to see and hear them both perform on the same stage on the same night! Both come from great families, and it was fun to see the relatives there, too.

Each band had its highlights, and I’ll mention only a few. The Cadet Band featured its 15 trumpeters in “Trumpets of Symphony Hall” by Don Brubaker. Among the four pieces played by the Concert Band, “The Hunger Games,” arranged by Jay Bocook, was very impressive. The clarinet soloist, Sadie Morriss, accompanied by the Symphonic Band, drew a standing ovation for her performance of “Viktor’s Tale” by John Williams. And the Symphonic Band demonstrated its high skill level by performing the superb “My Neighbor Totoro” by Joe Hisaishi, arranged by Yo Goto.

Please click on any photo to enlarge it.

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Trumpeters Among Those Featured at Popular Kamiakin Community Concert

Posted by glennled on March 29, 2012

Grandfather and grandsons form the Brass Trio, playing "The Victors" march

Every four years, there’s a presidential election. Every four years, there is a Community Band Concert at Kamiakin Jr. High in Kirkland. Ward Brannman, Director of Bands, says he started these special concerts in 1986, as a means of involving his band students with musicians in their own families, school alumni, and the local community.

The concert opened with The Washover Fans, a folk music quartet, and closed with Curb Appeal, a 6-member rock and roll band. Kamiakin’s speech pathologist, plays in the former, and Kamiakin’s registrar, plays and sings in the latter. See and

The school’s Jazz Ensemble and three bands performed: Concert Band (7th grade), Symphonic Band (8th grade), and Wind Ensemble (9th grade). In between their performances, four other groups played and sang, including the Zydeco Trio (“It’s So Hard to Stop”) and Brass Trio (“The Victors”).

Two audience members join Zydeco Trio and Ward Brannman in playing "It's So Hard to Stop"

Trumpeters were featured in the Jazz Ensemble (“Take Me Out to the Ball Game”), Symphonic Band (“Overture on a Shaker Tune”), and Brass Trio (two trumpets, one trombone). Mr. Brannman said the Zydeco Trio and Brass Trio epitomize the purpose of this concert. Two members of the Zydeco Trio are fathers of band members. One trumpeter in the Brass Trio plays in the Wind Ensemble, and his younger brother, the trombonist, plays in the Beginning Band. The second trumpeter is their grandfather!

One of my trumpet students was the featured soloist in the Shaker tune overture! She is the principal of the trumpet section, and Mr. Brannman awarded her a Certificate of Achievement for the 3rd quarter of this school year (see photos). Incidentally, he also received an award this year: he was named Middle School/Junior High Music Educator of the Year by the Washington Music Educators Association (WMEA) at its annual state conference in February.

Kids and adults dance to "Don't Stop Believing" played by Curb Appeal

Seth Kuhns, Kamiakin alum, attended the concert to hear the premier performance of his composition, “Like Yesterday,” by the Wind Ensemble. It was commissioned by last year’s Wind Ensemble.

The concert closed with kids and adults dancing in a massive huddle on the gym floor as Curb Appeal played the ever-popular song, “Don’t Stop Believing.”

Please click on any photo to enlarge it.

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