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  • December 2012
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Arcade Mocha Kicks Off Winter Concert at Skyview Junior High in Bothell

Posted by glennled on December 17, 2012

AM LogoAs the fans filled the stands in the gym at Skyview Junior High in Bothell, they were entertained by Arcade Mocha, a jazz combo formed by eight students in 2011. People were coming for the Winter Concert of the orchestra and 7th, 8th, and 9th-grade bands. Arcade Mocha played Christmas songs and other pieces for half an hour before the concert began.

Vaughan has been my trumpet student since 2010

Vaughan has been my trumpet student since 2010

It was their 19th gig so far (see They play for festivals, auctions, fundraisers, variety shows, promotional events, and such at malls, stores, coffee shops, churches, schools, and more. For example, during the holidays in 2011, they played at the Barnes and Noble Book Fair in Woodinville, and twice in 2012, they played at the Crossroads Mall in Bellevue. Last November, they played at “This is the Night,” the Skyview Spaghetti Dinner, and helped raise $1,700 in funds for the Music Boosters and

Music Department of the school. Musically, they’ve stepped up into jazz circles by playing twice at afternoon gigs at Tula’s Jazz Club in Belltown in Seattle (see

This group of talented teenage musicians launched from the Skyview Jr. High music program (see  They practice, using The Real Book of charts, every Saturday at the home of their booking agent, Dianne Kinney, 425-275-8696,

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4 Responses to “Arcade Mocha Kicks Off Winter Concert at Skyview Junior High in Bothell”

  1. Dianne Kinney said

    Thank you, this is a great write-up of Arcade Mocha! They are a wonderful group of kids and work really hard to share their music with people. It was nice to have music playing for people to enjoy while waiting for the concert to begin, too.

    • glennled said

      Thanks, Dianne, and what you and other parents are doing in supporting these kids is truly exceptional. It’s a great adventure for you all, and we in the audience get the benefits—good music!

  2. Leslie said

    Thanks for the super post about Arcade Mocha! I am so glad that Vaughan has made music a part of his life and has great friends to share it with. And a great tutor!

    • glennled said

      Yes, playing music is so much fun–in itself and in the friends with whom you make music! The trumpet will carry him far into the good things in life. Merry Christmas!

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