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Husky Alumni Pep Band Plays UW-UCLA Basketball Game on New Year’s Eve

Posted by glennled on January 1, 2011

UCLA applied full-court pressure on almost every UW possession

‘Twas the day before New Years, when a skeleton crew of the Husky Alumni Pep Band played for the crowd of 1,783 at the UW-UCLA women’s basketball game in Seattle. We were on hand because the Varsity Marching Band was enroute home from San Diego where the night before, the University of Washington football

HMBAA Pep Band in foreground

team upset the University of Nebraska, 19-7, in the Holiday Bowl.  Here’s how I saw the basketball game.

UCLA triumphed, 60-48, with a smothering full-court press and stifling defense. The Huskies (5-5, 0-1 Pac 10) handled it well for most of the game, shooting 62.5 percent in the first half, and were leading, 36-28, several minutes into the second half. But when UW got into foul trouble, the game turned in UCLA’s favor. Three players fouled out in the final five minutes, and the Huskies committed 25 turnovers. The No. 8 Bruins (11-1, 1-0) had more depth, as one of their bench players scored 15 points. UW junior Mackenzie Argens, 6 feet 3, scored her first double-double of the year with 18 points and 11 rebounds,

Kingma hits a three!

 but scoring leader, guard Kristi Kingma, was held to 12 points.

Meanwhile, the band played on. As the game was played on Friday afternoon, we were a little short-handed. For example, we like to have six trumpet players but had only four. But it was fine, and as we filed out of the stands to go check in our music folders and pack away our horns, we got lots of compliments from nearby fans. It was a good week to be a Husky. The men’s basketball team pulled off a rare sweep in Los Angeles, beating USC, 73-67, on Wednesday and UCLA, 74-63, on Friday, while the football team won their only bowl game since 2002. Wuff-wuff and Happy New Year!

Skeleton crew of the HMBAA Pep Band pauses between songs in second half

HMBAA Pep Band swings into song during a time out late in the game

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Stanford Cardinals 41, UW Huskies 0, Three Bands 100!

Posted by glennled on November 11, 2010

Thrilling Pre-Game Percussion Performance--Wow! Those Drummers!

The Stanford Cardinals skunked the University of Washington Huskies, 41-0, a couple of weeks ago. It was

Crushing half-time stats!

 the Huskies’ first home shutout in 34 years (since 1976)! Our team stunk so bad that fans started leaving by half-time. No doubt, the cold rain made that an easy decision for many fans. But if you came for the bands and the music, then Husky Stadium smelled sweet as a rose, and you were entertained in high fashion. The half-time show, especially, was fantastic!

Husky Alumni Band

There were three bands at the game: UW Varsity Marching Band, UW Husky Alumni Band, and a visiting band named “Musica Grato Himi” from Himi, Japan. (As you know, I’m a proud member of the Alumni Band and stayed at the Stanford game to the bitter, cold, rainy end.)

The half-time show was spectacular! Not only was the music superb (from the movie, “Mama Mia”), but

also some 800 cheer and dance team members from 44 junior high and high schools performed on the field along with the UW Varsity Band and Musica Grato. The entire field was covered with enthusiastic, fit people in the most colorful uniforms! For more about cheer and dance squads, please see the next post on this blog.

Finale of the 2nd Annual UW Half-time Spirit Extravaganza

Some final notes about the Japanese band. Musica Grato is Italian for “give thanks to music.” In 2005, the UW

It was a sloppy game

Husky Marching Band performed in Himi, Japan, and Musica Grato performed in Seattle at both a Husky football game and at a concert with a band from the Northshore School District located in Bothell/Woodinville. Since Musica Grato was formed in 2003, it has steadily achieved magnificent results. Atop the list of their awards and honors are their performance at the Olympic Games in Beijing, China in 2008, and the Sudler Shield prize from the John Philip Sousa Foundation of America. During the 2010 trip to Seattle, they again performed a joint concert with the Northshore School District Band on Monday, 1 November, two days after the UW-Stanford football game.

The Huskies will come back

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Marching in the Seafair Torchlight Parade

Posted by glennled on August 4, 2010

Parade photos by Elliot Suhr,

It’s only about 2.5 miles from the Space Needle to Qwest Field along the route of the Seafair Torchlight Parade, but if you’re in the parade, near the end, it takes many hours to get there. That’s what I learned last Saturday, when several other members of the Husky Alumni Band and I mixed in with the UW Varsity Marching Band to play our music along the parade route through downtown Seattle. The obvious enthusiasm and pleasure of the hundreds of thousands of spectators of all ages who lined the streets made the whole event very fun for us all. And the weather was perfect. Oh, what a night!

There were Seafair pirates and a police motorcade and firemen and floats and clowns and drill teams and a queen and Hawaiian princesses and military bands and school bands and cheerleaders and–you-name-it! Our band was #81 of 105 groups in the parade. Fourteen awards were presented to the best and most creative entries. The parade was sponsored by Alaska Airlines.

The UW band was big, although not full size, which you’ll see as soon as football season starts next month. About 18 of us trumpeters came for the parade. If you ever have a chance to be in the parade, don’t turn it down…it’s so much fun!

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